Tswelopele Education Foundation NPC (TEF) was founded in 2015 for the purpose of promoting the advancement of Education in Diepsloot, South Africa by fostering research and enhancing training and service possibilities.

Our company, Tswelopele Education Foundation NPC is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone with emphasis on Education. Our mission is to provide an environment that supports the creative ideas of all stakeholders in Diepsloot. To promote, encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship with the business organizations in Diepsloot and its surrounding.


After been absent for 8 years, Tswelopele Education Foundation has taken over the management of the Miss Diepsloot Group in a view to bring back the glory that was. Education is at the centre of Tswelopele Education Foundation, and empowering our leading young women through education is the core at Miss Diepsloot Group.

I have decided to enrol with futurelearn.com to further my understanding of various concepts in my personal and professional life.


As chairman of Tswelopele Education Foundation NPC which promotes academic excellence in Diepsloot, it is imperative that we Walk to Talk when it comes to life long learning.


Education is key to a bright future. 


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Executive Directors: Mothakge Makwela, Mashudu Maiyana, Mugabe Ratshikuni. Non Executive Director: Mzolisi Mbikwana

TEF Mentorship Program


  • Target youth that will benefit most from mentoring, namely those most at risk;
  • have clearly defined and articulated goals and expectations;
  • include a level of flexibility that accommodates the diverse personalities and needs of mentors and mentees;
  • have mentors with previous relevant experience in helping others and who are committed to at least 12 months of participation;
  • support and involve parents and families;
  • coordinate with other services and supports as needed;
  • provide training for mentors both before and after they are matched with youth;
  • provide consistent oversight, training, and support including early problem detection to ensure that needs of mentees are being met and concerns are being addressed effectively; and

Conduct reasonably intensive screening of potential mentors. MENTOR suggests that the screening process include an application, time commitment of at least one year and one face-to-face meeting per week, a face-to-face interview, a reference check, and a criminal background check. MENTOR also suggests that mentees should be screened. This includes parents or guardians filling out an application, providing consent, and committing to participate in the program for at least a year through the schedule designed by the program.

Provide at minimum two hours of training prior to the match. At a minimum, trainings should include the following topics:

Though practice and research suggest some best practices for mentoring programs, it is important to recognize that the needs children and youth face are unique to their circumstances. Programs designed for them are most effective when the needs of the mentees are taken into account and factor into the structure of the program and the pairing of mentors and mentees.

Tswelopele Education Foundation NPC is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable organisation with the following objectives;

• Provide support and enhance education for all learners.
• Solicit, manage, and distribute funds not otherwise funded by the Education Department.
• Develop partnerships between corporate, government and community.
• Create volunteer opportunities.

Our core mission is to fund, as part of point two from above, learners from disadvantaged schools/communities for their tuition. The board of directors will determine a number of learners to fund from 2018 academic year. We are inspired by all those who seek to assist those amongst us who are disadvantaged.

Founded in May 2015, before the Fees Must Fall movement, we believe our efforts will go a long way in supplementing their course.