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Diepsloot can be best discribed as a "Construction Site" in the words of former City of Johannesburg Mayor, Cllr. Mpho Parks Tau. His discription of our township in thie manner was informed by the infrastructure roll-out the government has invested in Diepsloot from the three government spheres. It remains the fastest growing, and most improved township post 1994 democratic dispensation.

The above statement talks to the government investment in infrastructral projects, but business requires all sectors of society to be inolved in the economic life of the township in order to improve the living conditions of all the residents. Our aim is to showcase and profile businesses in Diepsloot, to unlock their economic potential thus improving the earning therefore the living conditions of all its residents.

As Asad Alam from the World Bank said that “There is no shortage of ideas about what needs to be done to improve the economy of townships, the challenge is to incentivize and mobilize local communities to urgently implement appropriate solutions”. Ours is to activate communities to not only participate, but equally understand the economic circle of their locality.

Diepsloot small, medium and micro entreprises forum (dsmmesf)


The Forum is an independent, non-political organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the interest of business. Forum members will have the access to our wide range of information resources developed over many years of serving the business community.

As the first and the largest business forum in Diepsloot, the Forum represents business interests through on-going interaction with the regional and metropolitan government, aimed at creating an economic environment conducive to growth and prosperity.

When you join the Forum, you also become part of the business incubation hub based on the agreed admission criteria to the hub and also SACCI. Forum membership is not only to be associated to it but it is about using your membership to grow your business. It aims to provide a comprehensive range of added value business support and development services to assist the growth of SMME’s.

As such, DSMMEF is planning for the improvement of the business environment and opportunities for its member business through;

•             Policy proposals on legislative matters enabling the business environment.

•             Establish a business linkage programme facilitating co-operation and business opportunities between corporate and SMME’s

•             Arrange trade affairs of relevance.

•             Establish an enterprise development programme

•             Improving training services of constituent members.

•             Facilitate network sessions for businesses

Individuals representing different business formations/interest groups also participate in the Diepsloot SMME Forum Plenary meetings that are held on a monthly basis.

The overriding aim of the Diepsloot SMME business Forum is to meet Province and City’s Growth and Development Strategy (GDS) outcomes to stimulate the economy by focusing on creating sustainable SMME’s that will be incubated into large scale businesses, truly creating a sustainable development for South Africa.

The Diepsloot SMME business forum will: Act as a consultative forum that effectively addresses the needs and challenges of the Diepsloot SMME’s into the Incubation hub and business environment in the surrounding areas.


The DSMMEF shall be made up of representatives of the business forums from the community of Diepsloot, the private sector, the Non-profit sector as well as other affected stakeholders and citizen groups.

To join DSMMESF, kindly contact Mr. Makwela at 0798862087.



SA's first open access WiFi provider, VAST Networks, plans to give 1.5 million Gauteng township residents affordable WiFi access over the next two years.

"We are cognisant of the tremendous opportunities for socio-economic empowerment specifically within township communities. Our current footprint includes over 2 000 venues and is growing daily in locations in areas such as Diepsloot, Alexandra and Katlehong, with plans to roll out hundreds more by mid-2017," according to Grant Marais, CEO of VAST Networks.

VAST began its Gauteng Township roll-out programme in 2016 and so far has deployed a series of WiFi hotspots in locations within Diepsloot, Katlehong and Alexandra. Currently, almost a million residents have access to the various WiFi locations.

"VAST's aim is to expand its WiFi roll-out across more township communities as well as expand its coverage in these areas so every resident has access," the company told ITWeb.

Collen Kekana, co-owner of V-Café in Diepsloot, which is home to a VAST hotspot, says her customers are thrilled to have access to the Internet.

"[They] are using the platform for various purposes, from job applications to news updates, to staying in touch via social media. What always puts a smile on my face is when they realise their Internet speeds are actually faster than those available in some of the more affluent suburbs."

Ubiquitous Internet access for all South Africans was a key theme at a roundtable discussion hosted by VAST in Diepsloot this week. With affordability being a key inhibitor to Internet adoption, specific emphasis was placed on underprivileged communities and how WiFi access could boost entrepreneurial activities, support access to education, enhance skills development and drive job creation.

"We firmly believe Internet access should be a basic human right. The substantial financial benefits of such access is evident with some of the fastest growing and most successful businesses in the world being mobile device manufacturers and founders of social networks.

"Not only does Internet access deliver individual and business value but it also plays a vital role in overall economic growth; stats show that for every 10% of Internet penetration, a country's GDP grows by 1.28%," adds Marais. Taken from 

" What is missing from Diepsloot, as in other large urban townships, is a viable middle ground: a dynamic middle-income economic structure on a large scale that hosts a range of robust businesses, both labor intensive and small enterprises, that are suited to absorbing the limited skill levels available among the townships’ unemployed masses "








Sandeep Mahajan
World Bank Group lead economist and editor of the study.


Download a copy of the report here ... 

Economics of South African Townships Special Focus on Diepsloot


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Diepsloot lovingly referred to as 'Sloot' is one of the most densely populated and poor areas in Johannesburg next to one of the richest suburbs of South Africa, Dainfern. You can visually see the contrast between the two.