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The fire brand ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leaders Julius Malema told Diepsloot residents that there can never be real freedom when most people are still poor and unemployed.
Diepsloot, the vibrant but poverty stricken area between Fourways and Pretoria was in political euphoria and hype as members waited for “vuvusela” Malema to arrive. Read more


By Mothupi Kgopa.
Diepsloot Stories made public
If lions don’t write their own stories, the mice will tell them. Diepsloot has been a home of hope, doom and everything in the middle. We have killed people for stealing chicken feet, we have mobilized the fiercest mob justice that has left New York in total flabbergast. But this is because this is the only thing they chose to see. They had a choice to look at our local stars in politics climbing the leadership ladder; they have failed to see young entrepreneurs putting their business acumen to the test in the land they would like to name peril. They have failed, so palpably, that even the mention of the area makes people to be cautious of their belonging in case they become lost.
They have failed to see the intensive political contestation of power that mirror South Africa today. They have failed to see the real story behind South African politics: poverty, unemployment, the questionable education system, and how this heralds the new South Africa. If there be any political divisions nationally, let that be seen in the local structures that fail to solidify even in a small community such as Diepsloot. This place had become the economic struggle that reflect the fight for opportunities: employment offices and tenders. Why, because Diepsloot is the epitome of the current national South African affairs – politically unstable, a time bomb if that’s the only thing you want to see. They have failed. They have failed to talk about the souls that give their time off executing a Nelson Mandela Day each day - working at Akani, Diepsloot youth projects, bona Lesedi, Bontle ke hlago, CPF, Soccer, and Drama groups that internalized the need to dream in the land of doom.
They have failed because they want us to see our situation like they see it. They view is progressive and sophisticated, they think. They are quick to point out that we are inadequate and have in less that 15 years turned a peaceful farm into a crime haven. Yes our dusty streets are over run by filthy water. But is that all you see in Diepsloot? This is Diesploot, its deeper than you think. Our request is one think, as you fish for negative stories, please consider looking for just one positive story, so that our youth don’t have to be discriminated against for job opportunities because you had to make a quick bug. As you earn your dollar, let us earn our own too.
Diepsloot is not all doom and gloom if that’s the only thing you see you have failed to report on the real issues happening in Diepsloot. You have joined foreign media in their hunger for peril in the third world. God bless Diepsloot, South African media failed us.
This August we look at real Diepsloot Stories. If lions don’t write their own stories, the mice will tell them!